Interest rates on bank deposits of legal entities in JSC «COMINVESTBANK» are set individually for each client, depending on the amount and period of its placement.

Bank deposit rates from legal entitiesDeposits cost, %
native currencyforeign currancy
up 31 days 14,0 1,0
from 32 to 92 days 15,5 1,5
from 93 to 183 days 16,0 2,0
from 184 to 356 (366) days 16,5 2,5
from 549 (550) days 17,5 2,8


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Deposits of legal entities are subject to the following conditions:

  • interest on deposit is paid on a monthly basis;
  • customers may chose an option to have the monthly interest credited to the deposit;
  • replenishment of the deposit is allowed;
  • partial withdrawal from the deposit is not allowed;
  • there is a possibility of early termination of the contract.


The documents required for opening deposit accounts by legal entities which already have accounts in JSC «COMINVESTBANK»

If a legal entity already holds a current account in JSC «COMINVESTBANK», it must submit the following documents to the bank for opening a deposit account:

A free format application stating the intention to place funds on deposit and indicating the amount, period and other special conditions.

List of the documents for opening the deposit accounts for the legal entities.

1) A request addressed to the Chairman of the Board of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» stating intention to place monetary funds in the specified amount for a specified period, signed by the Chairman of the Board (Director) and with seal attached.

2) Questionnaire for customers of the JSC «COMINVESTBANK» according to the approved form.

3) Copy of the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals-entrepreneurs containing information about the entity.

4) Copies of the duly registered constituent document (the Charter, the Foundation Agreement, the Constituent Act, regulations).

5) If the bank deposit agreement provides for transfer of funds from deposit account by means of customer’s payment order after the deposit period is over, in such case the legal entity must also submit the cards with signature samples notarized or signed by the chief executive officer or his deputy and the seal of the organization to which the client is administratively subordinated.

6) Protocol of the meeting of founders (participants) about the creation of a legal entity and the election of the Director.

7) The order on appointment to the positions of the director and the chief accountant, the contract with the director (if provided for in the Charter) (copy certified by the enterprise and the seal).

8) The passport photocopies (or its document replacing) and references of assignment of identification number of the officers (Director and Chief accountant) certified by the signatures of the owners of the documents.

The foregoing list of documents isn't exhaustive, and if necessary for identification of the client - the legal entity and taking measures for confirmation of his identity, the employee of Bank has the right to request and the client must provide the documents and information required to identify individuals and/or legal entities who owns substantial interest in the entity or has a direct or indirect impact on it and obtains economic benefits from its activities..

The specialists of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» are ready to provide to you more detailed information and consultation, and to discuss your individual requirements.


You may download the list of the documents required for opening deposit accounts by legal entities in DOC format here:

You may download the list of the documents required for opening deposit accounts by legal entities in DOC format

For detailed information call the Deposit Operations Dpt: +38 (0312) 61 98 15 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

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